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the team makes the company awesome.

Coherendz is led by an enthusiastic team, high on values and commitment to deliver rich experience to our clients.

The Company

Coherendz started in 2008 as a student enterprise at NITIE, Mumbai with primary focus on technology and design. Being guided by a strong sense of passion for the web, we have been building websites, products and platforms for the past 6 years.

Over years, Coherendz has built a strong and diverse team with individuals from varied backgrounds with a shared desire to build one of the finest product companies in India.

With a perfect blend of passion, technology, business acumen and experience, we are helping educational institutions connect to their alumni through our flagship product Vaave

The Team

Paresh Masade Paresh Masade
Sanjeev Kosaraju Sanjeev Kosaraju
Aparna Mandava Aparna Mandava
Yasaswy Peesapati Yasaswy Peesapati
Jaipal Kadari Jaipal Kadari
Sarat Chandra Routu Sarat Chandra Routu
Ravi Balgi Ravi Balgi
Sri Chandana Nagoji Sri Chandana Nagoji
Parameshwer Chiluveri Parameshwer Chiluveri
Ram Bonkuri Ram Bonkuri
Saddam Hussain Saddam Hussain
Jayanth Ram Jayanth Ram
Abhi Govula Abhi Govula
Srinath Komarina Srinath Komarina
Anurag Gutgutia Anurag Gutgutia

Our Beliefs

"Beliefs" that the team holds together are the primary building blocks in
building a great company. Browse through our thoughts in the next slides

Team is more important for us than Business,
We work professionally and are bonded together as a family.

Each of us loves solving business challenges
through technology

We believe in questioning and fighting
to get the best out of each other

Deliverables are more important than
the number of hours spent

Authority can only be obtained
through work done over degrees and titles

We are not afraid to try and fail.
The only way ahead is to keep working on what we believe.

Doing things great means improving through iterations.
We excel ourselves at each iteration.

Self-discipline is key to deliverables.
We believe in self regulation over external monitoring.

We are empathetic towards each other.
But we find solutions to problems on our own.

We believe growth means taking more responsibilities


At Coherendz, we believe that great companies are built not by ideas but by people. We are extremely proud of our team and are always looking for people with similar passion.

To join us one should have demonstrated genuine efforts in following their passions and have stories to tell about their failures.

Interested to work with us?
Tell us how can you contribute and drop a mail to